What’s the value in all this, anyways? Some philosophical ramblings on “beauty”, self-care and art.

Dear reader, please indulge me a rant-y little delve into the value of the investments we make (of time, money, research, etc.) into caring for ourselves. As an artist by trade, the way I feel about the purpose of “beauty” (by this I mean skincare, makeup, fashion, etc.) in our daily lives is inextricably linked to my views on the purpose of art within the same context of holistic wellbeing.

Since my time in college, I have often found myself grappling with the relative value of my skill set, and whether my work towards a career as a visual artist has been a worthwhile use of my time and efforts. Where I’ve landed in this internal argument, has to do with the ability of art to celebrate the diversity of individual creativity and thought. Basically, I find value in art through the nature of its inclusivity. It’s about nurturing individuality, and about recognizing human needs that are more intangible than those that contribute directly to survival.

Here is where I connect it to “beauty”–I am interested in the creation and use of products that foster self-expression, and celebrate individuality in all it’s forms. I am also very interested (given my particular focus on skincare) in working towards a culture in which indulging in self-care is recognized as a healthy means of fostering self-worth, and not as vain or extravagantly superficial.

You are worthy of time taken to care for yourself, on whatever scale. Love yourself and be proud of the beautiful person you are!



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